Earthy Electronic Band Speaker Face Drop Atmospheric New Single “Work Friends”

Some of the most gorgeous and awe-inspiring sounds come from mother nature herself. This time we are diving back into the world of indie music for “Work Friends”, the brand new single from Speaker Face. Created by musicians Trent Freeman, Eric Wright, and Ruby Randall, Speaker Face is a Canadian electronic band that combines both electronic mechanizations and the sounds of the Earth herself. Take acoustic organic instruments, vocals, and the wilderness and mash them together with computers and synths. Speaker Face crafts these wondrous audible experiences perfect for any setting all while completely warping traditional genre as we know it. While this style may not be your initial cup of tea, look a bit deeper to the next layer and they will win you over.

There is something magical when a mere human like us can admire the brilliance of nature and capture it within music. Priding themselves on their ability to combine both nature and machine, Speaker Face uses their latest single to prove that both sides of the spectrum can coexist in harmony. “Work Friends” is an ode to those individuals out there who work a job they hate, putting on a mask to pretend to like those among them, all while letting that person know that their real friends love them. Freeman’s violin takes lead and enraptures us within in each note, while Wright’s production massages our ears with soft beats that set the chill vibe and atmosphere the track emulates. Prepare for full immersion, as Speaker Face comes out full swinging with a true audible experience.

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Speaker Face

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