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The Washington D.C.-based Producer eyezic Drops a Thematic Break-up “reflections” EP on Lost In Dreams

Every time we visit this label, we fall. On our latest visit to Lost in Dreams we are checking out “reflections”, and brand new EP from eyezic. Created by Christian Rodriguez, eyezic is a DJ/producing project currently making waves in the future bass world out of Arlington, VA. While his multi-instrumentalist grandfather Isaac instilled a love of music into eyezic at a young age, it wasn’t until a life-altering knee injury lit the furnace that is eyezic’s passion for music. While eyezic thrives in the future bass realm, his high energy production allows him to be fluid in his style and entrances audiences across the spectrum. eyezic is already starting to see some success, with his remix of Seven Lions’ smash hit, “Only Now,” was placed in the Top 50 of Soundcloud’s ‘Up and Coming Tracks of Edm and Dance’ playlist!

“The EP talks about the healing period and process from a breakup perspective. You think you meet someone that you think will be the one you spend a long time with; and then with time passing by and you just realize that this may not be the person that is the one for you. There are issues that arise, maybe things aren’t communicated well enough. No hatred towards the other, but it just wasn’t going to work out, no matter how hard the other person tried.” – Eyezic

The musical journey encapsulated within “reflections” unfolds as a poignant exploration of love, loss, and healing. In “A Moment Apart,” the story begins with the tender tension between two distant lovers on the brink of separation. Moody pads and reverberating chords create a somber atmosphere, while emotive vocals express the raw emotions of longing and heartache. Despite the weight of the breakup, the track’s playful sensibility, marked by rolling basslines and breakbeat drums, offers glimpses of hope amidst the pain. This delicate balance resonates with listeners, drawing support from both radio and press, and affirming the universal truth that time has the power to mend even the deepest wounds.

As we flow throughout the EP into “Time,” the narrative reaches its conclusion with a transcendent blend of genres and emotions. ero808’s raw vocal performance, weaving between rap and R&B influences, reflects the complexities of emotional transformation. Against a backdrop of hypnotic production, oscillating between moments of euphoria and introspection, “Time” serves as a poignant reflection on the cyclical nature of healing. Despite the lingering shadows of the past, a glimmer of hope emerges, hinting at the promise of a brighter tomorrow. As the project’s finale, “Time” encapsulates the early stages of the healing journey, offering solace and resilience in the face of uncertainty.

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