Aussie Producer Chamberlain Drops New Gangsta Rap + Bass Music Single “Mafia”

If you have been following us for any amount of time, you may see that there are artists for parts of the world that we don’t nearly cover enough. On today’s visit to the indie world we are going down under and checking out “Mafia”, the latest single from Chamberlain. Discovering his love for music at the mere age of six years old, Chamberlain began learning how to play the piano and plant the seeds for a professional music career in the future. Jumping to 2017, Chamberlain burst out onto the scene with his first few releases through Adapted Records and booked multiple performances at well-known Australian music festivals such as Rainbow Serpent. This newfound success led to the further development of Chamberlain’s sound via releases through labels such as Gravitas Recordings, Westwood, and Delicious Music. Now four years later, Chamberlain is a major player in the indie space and has traveled all around to festivals in North and South America, New Zealand, and a regular on main stages all across Australia.

When a multi-instrumentalist like Chamberlain steps out on the scene, we have to take at least a beat to take a look. The newest addition to the Chamberlain catalog, “Mafia”, is what happens with modern rap and bass music clash and contort into a new form that is uniquely Chamberlain. Overflowing with pure chaotic energy, “Mafia” is a multi-faceted production that will easily set the bar higher for fellow producers who dabble in a similar fusion. Using the tone of gangsta rap and heavier, bass-forward bass music as a framework, Chamberlain weaves in an impressive string selection and rising electronics throughout the track to further diversify the track’s sound. “Mafia” showcases Chamberlain’s insanely wide range of production skills and knowledge of niche genres, while still showing that he is still evolving as an artist. Chamberlain isn’t striving to follow and adopt anyone’s particular style, when instead he could hold the torch high and let others interested in the sound to fall in line.

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