Brandon Markell Holmes x Rogue Vogue Drop Collaborative Afro-Pop “Garden” EP, Step Inside The Garden

We were absolutely captivated the first time around, so you know that we would have to cover the full release. On our latest visit to Toucan Sounds we are checking out the Garden EP, the latest effort from Brandon Markell Holmes and Rogue Vogue. A classically trained theater actor, Holmes is a fantastic creative that uses his work to explore themes of social observation and the relationship between history and art. More recently stepping into the music world, Holmes appeared on the Grammy-nominated Humanz album from Gorillaz as well as JOMORO’s Blue Marble Sky. He’s even gone forth and re-released his own album in 2020, The Museum of R&B, including visual and a live performance at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Rogue Vogue is joining in on the fun this time, an immersive and entertaining producer who has been thriving in Chicago’s underground dance music scene. Vogue is on a bit of a roll too, as they have performed at stages all across the United States and Europe, as well as worked with labels such as Deep & Disco, The House of Disco, and French Express.

“Gimme Time is about coming to grips with your internal thoughts/identity and subconsciousness, while simultaneously being in love with someone who you haven’t been fully able to open up to because you’re still figuring so much out about yourself” – Brandon Markell Holmes

The world of afro-pro is so foreign to us, but we are glad we have the likes of Brandon Markell Holmes and Rogue Vogue as our guides. When we were first introduced to this collaborative project a few weeks ago, we were captivated by the EP’s title track “Garden” and were completely ready to lose ourselves in the world of afro-dance music. The entire Garden EP is filled with dance-floor cuts that will keep you vibing on the dancefloor, but you have to dive just a tad deeper for the full experience. While the afro-influenced beats are perfect for those who are looking for a more exotic twist on chill house music, where Garden truly succeeds is in its lyrics. Within the jungle experience is an ongoing conversation around the internal struggles of human existence such as seduction, symbiotic relationships, and self-forgiveness. If you haven’t opened the gate to the Garden just yet, take a peek inside.

Make sure you check out the Garden EP on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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Photo credit: Patrick Luhrs

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