Ricky Retro Debuts on Ultra Records With Love Harder “Happy New Year” A Holiday Break Up

There are producers that try to stay in the shadows, then there are those who embrace their culture and stereotypes. On our most recent visit to Ultra Records, we have the interesting “Happy New Year: from Ricky Retro and Love Harder. Ricky Retro embraces his heritage as a true ‘Merican, drinking Budweiser and loving NASCAR all while not giving two shits about whatever you think. Completely in your face and hilariously absurd, Ricky Retro quickly found his niche in the dance/southern rock genre. Essentially lightning in a bottle, Ricky Retro‘s energy and ridiculous nature on stage makes for one hell of an experience.

In order to give a different touch to the track, Ricky Retro tapped fellow producer Love Harder for some assistance. Recently joining Ultra Records, Love Harder is already proving to be a force to be reckoned with. Dropping his latest release, “Oblivion”, and already earning over 8 million streams on Spotify is plenty of proof. The track has already been picked up by other outlets and playlists, including BBC Radio One.

“Since it takes the earth 365 days to revolve around the Sun it’s only fair we celebrate it with a song. I always wanted to make a birthday or holiday song and this was the perfect time to do it, and the perfect match up with Ricky Retro. Get ready to flush out 2019 to make room for the new 20’s.” – Love Harder

We have to admit we have a pretty solid open mind when it comes to subgenres, and we wouldn’t think to smash southern rock and dance together. However, Ricky Retro decided to dive headfirst into the Ultra community with a bit of a softer take on his signature song. “Happy New Year” essentially serves as the 2019 holiday break up track, but embracing the change and not giving a shit about the events that follow. While Ricky Retro crafts a fantastic and easily danceable beat, Love Harder‘s soulful yet irreverent vocal performance makes the “Happy New Year” replayable.  We have no doubt that this will be blasting while we travel to see our loved ones this holiday season and into 2020.

Make sure you check out “Happy New Year” on YouTube and on Spotify below!

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