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Grrrl Rock Band Blood Lemon Drop First Single “Black-Capped Cry” From New Upcoming Self-Titled LP

Just because you form a grrrl group it doesn’t mean that there is a specific genre that you are immediately penciled into. Continuing our dive into the indie world we have “Black-Capped Cry”, the newest single from the band Blood Lemon. Formed back in 2018, this talented grrrl band consists of three very talented musicians: Lisa Simpson (Finn Riggins, Treefort Music Fest), singer/bassist Melanie Radford (Built to Spill, Marshall Poole) and percussionist Lindsey Lloyd (Tambalka). Three classically changed musicians in each of their own right, the three joined forces to form Blood Lemon after connecting on a musical wavelength and through the Mostly Muff cover band. With a love of 90s grrl music and not afraid to get political, the members of Blood Lemon quickly discovered their sound and drive to make music with their fellow women, With a handful of singles since their formation, Blood Lemon is finally dropping their debut self-titled LP Blood Lemon on April 23rd!

One day I kept thinking about one of their calls slowed down, playing over and over in my head, almost trance-like,” she says. “So, with that idea in mind, we wrote this song as an aid to that call, as though it was a call for help.” – Blood Lemon

After officially announcing their debut LP, we were also treated to our first taste from the upcoming major drop. Deriving influenced by 90s bands like the Pixies, “Black-Capped Cry” gives us a clear idea of just how heavy Blood Lemon can go, and just how much these women shred.  The track pairs a slow-growing guitar with heavy percussion that drives the beat forward, preparing listeners for the message that Blood Lemon wants to get across. “Black-Capped Cry” was inspired by the call of black-capped chicakadees living around singer Melanie Radford’s home, fueling the fire to make a political statement on limitless consumption. Blood Lemon has made it clear that they will not shy away from making statements like this and we should expect more messages on topics like climate change, American politics, social justice, and navigating adulthood as women just to name a few. We can’t wait to hear what else Blood Lemon has to offer when the full LP drops in April!

Make sure you check out “Black-Capped Cry” on YouTube below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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