Jack Trades Teams With Madison Olds For New Sultry Future Bass Chill Drop “Body Language”

Electronic music exists in such a diverse world, with millions of artists finding their own niche within the world. Making yet another stop back off at Physical Presents, we are checking out “Body Language” from producer Jack Trades and Madison Olds.  Making is official splashback in 2017, Jack Trades crafted a niche for himself within the chill dance-pop genre much like Kygo. While you need to be in the zone or a specific mood for a lot of high-paced EDM, Trades created a brand of easy-listening yet addictive music that is prime for any time. Since 2017, Trades has been jumping around and dropping releases with Thrive and Armada, as well as a few official remixes for Dropgun and Adam K & Soha. We may have fallen in love with his style after his previous release “Sideways“, and we hope to be in his camp for quite a long time.

As our music tastes have changed over the years, we have come to appreciate the chill side of electronic music. It is soft, yet still bouncy, so we can either break out and dance or just sit back and listen casually through our headphones. Now that we are heading into the commercially viable season of love, more and more producers are dropping sensual releases. Just from the name alone, “Body Language” oozes sensual chill pop pleasure, with Jack Trades providing the beats and groove with Madison Olds sultry vocal performance. Jack Trades blends chill-pop vibes silhouetted by a future-bass aesthetic and sounds for a nice icing on top of the cake. Jack Trades, keep it up!

Make sure you check out “Body Language” on Spotify below, or on Soundcloud!

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