Alt-Rocker Andrew Thomases Explores Personality & The Human Struggle x New Single “Two Sides”

The skies have cleared and we’re ready for another round of conscious rock! On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Two Sides”, the latest addition to the Andrew Thomases camp. An avid lifelong lover of music, Thomases grew up in New York City and watched as his father pursued his passion for bass guitar. Finally picking up his own guitar at the age of 12, Thomases would go on to play in multiple cover bands and perform as a DJ up until after college, when he decided to move across the country to San Francisco. Throughout the move and ever since, Thomases developed a version of “conscious rock”, where he created music that inspired his move, life experiences, and his outlook on the role of a person/human in society and the world. After spending much time in development, Thomases has written 10 fantastic tracks that explore a wide range of socially charged themes and is finally ready to show them to the rest of the world.

Simply put, there is something about this “conscious rock” style that has us coming back for more, eager for another introspective dive. Being the latest addition to the Thomases catalog, “Two Sides” is another interesting dive into the psyche of people as they struggle with their daily lives. The track details that naturally human struggle of being two different people, having wants and reams even though you as an adult have responsibilities as well as those moments when it is okay to let your other side out. Thomases takes an interesting musical approach to “Two Sides” fluctuating between a more dreamy and “head in the clouds” sound while talking about one side, then pivoting to his more signature “conscious rock” sound during the moments of the struggle itself. If you are a fan of rock music that is filling to go inside your brain and poke around a bit, then join on the Andrew Thomases hype train.

Make sure you check out “Two Sides” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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