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Felix Cartal Drops Final Single “The Life”, Album “Expensive Sounds For Nice People” Out Jun. 25th!

At this point, we are prominent stans of today’s artist and we know that he deserves a wider audience. On our latest visit to Physical Presents we are checking out “The Life”, another new single from Felix Cartal. Felix has been busy, with multiple standalone productions with other producers including successful producer Kaskade. Felix will also be touring internationally so everyone will be able to see it sometime soon. Due to his most recent success, Felix has even garnered over 45 million streams over on his Spotify! Felix Cartal has been a consistent staple in the Modern Neon cycle, winning us over with his previous hits “Over It” and “Love Me“. Clearly, Felix, you are doing something right and we want to keep seeing Felix Cartal find success and grow as an artist.

The Life‘ was one of the first instrumentals I wrote for my album, ‘Expensive Sounds For Nice People.’ I’m obsessive with vocal chops and will spend days getting them to feel as emotive as a vocal. Once I started writing the lyrics in Oslo with IselinErik, and Kris, we reverse-engineered some of the vowel sounds because one of them sounded like the word ‘The Life.’ I loved the grandiosity of that concept, but I wanted to make it feel honest and authentic. And I think over the years, with the increase in social media, we’re often guilty of viewing others’ highlight reels as the only way to be happy, but letting go of that perception will give you much greater peace of mind. Hardships are inevitable, things aren’t always fair, and we need to just learn from them and push through. That’s what the line ‘the highs and lows woke me up’ symbolizes. Fjord‘s vocals on this track really took it to this unique place that gives the song a hopeful melodrama, and I’m so happy to collaborate with them again after the beautiful performance they did on my rework of ‘Get What You Give‘ from 2017.” – Felix Cartal

When we received the demo from Felix, it was an instant crush! We knew we were about to have loads of fun working on this tune. The songwriting was refreshing, and the production was already mind-blowing.” – Fjord

We feel like we have been teasing this album for ages, but the time is almost here! The last single popping off of Felix’s upcoming album Expensive Sounds For Nice People, “The Life” is a solid dance-pop number to round out the selection of singles. One of the earliest tracks created during the album’s creation, “The Life” sets the journey through the album in the best way possible. Overflowing with positive energy and Felix’s bouncy electropop style, crafting a “walking through sunshine” level of positivity that everyone can use a dose of in this post-quarantine world. Felix can’t take all the credit though, as he brought on talented singer Fjord to add her own vocal twist to the instrumental and transform it into its current form. If you need more Felix Cartal, make sure you tune in on June 25th when Expensive Sounds For Nice People drops in full!

Make sure you check out “The Life” on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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