Indie Art Band Seafoam Walls Share “Program (Live at Pulp Arts)” For Bandcamp Friday

When you start down the path into the world of art-centric music, you will either want to run back to your comfort zone or frankly never want to leave. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Program”, the latest drop from Seafoam Walls. Originally forming back in 2016, Seafoam Walls were one of Miami’s best kept secrets in the modern art music movement. Thriving with their unique sound perfect for a dark tropical paradise, Seafoam Walls released their debut EP R-E-F-L-E-C-T in 2018 and caught the attention of music fans the dug deep in the surreal music catalog. The band released their follow up EP ROOT in 2019, widening their reach even further to many new music lovers who were willing to push play. Seafoam Walls has taken their stylistic sound and performed at Afropunk’s “Black Spring” and III Pointsmusic festival, playing alongside ThundercatBlood OrangeTyler, The Creator, and Gorillaz. Now a year later, Seafoam Walls is currently busy recording the debut record XVI, which we hope to see later this year on November 12th.

As with many artists in the art-centered music movement, it is rather difficult to describe what type of music Seafoam Walls creates. Simply put, Seafoam Walls feautres antoxicating blend of jazz, shoegaze, rock, hip-hop, and Afro-Caribbean rhythms — aptly dubbed ‘Caribbean Jazzgaze”…but you have to listen to full explore this conceptional sound. The band actually just released a live video version of “Program”, which the actually released last month. Confusing yet mezmerizing, “Program” and this “Caribbean Jazzgaze” mind boggles our brains, as if for once we are fully experiencing a completely unknown sound. This might be our first introduction to the Seafoam Walls band and idea, but we can’t wait to check out XVI when it drops in November. If you haven’t experienced Seafoam Walls yet, then you need to find out for yourself if you can lose yourself in this Caribbean Jazzgaze sound.

Make sure you check out the live version of “Program” on YouTube below or your favorite streaming platform!

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Seafoam Walls

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Photo credit: Abigail Clark

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