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Boston R&B Newcomer Radha Shares Silk Laden Trap-Soul Track “Drowning”

Regardless of your heritage, everyone has a unique relationship with music and how it influences their lives. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “Drowning” the latest drop from Radha. Hailing from India but based in Boston, MA, Radha is a 13 yeard old aspiring singer/songwriter. Originally introduced to music through classical Indian music, it wasn’t until later in live that Radha further explored R&B.  With Jhene Aiko, Sade, and Norah Jones, Bryson Tiller, and Summer Walker considered a few of her inspirations, we understand why Radha as already snagged the attention she has so far gathered. Receiving recognition from the likes of John Legend, Jason Derulo, and Willow Smith, Radha is on a solid path forward into the world of R$B.

“I tend to keep up a strong exterior in the early stages of a relationship and find it difficult to present myself vulnerably in fear of the pain it may cause me. ‘Drowning’ encompasses this headspace, along with the emotions of passion and euphoria experienced once I’ve let my guard down and opened myself up to experience the depths of love and infatuation. I hope this track resonates with listeners who encounter similar emotions as they fall in love.” – Radha

While we aren’t ones to normally feature straight-up R&B on our page, Radha caught our attention and it has been hard to let go. The latest addition to her catalog, “Drowning” explores the concept of someone’s headspace once they let their guard down in the early stages of a relationship. Allowing a soulful guitar and light trap drums be her instrumental guide, Radha allures the listener with her heartfelt yet melodic approach to her music. Her vocal performance feels like a performance for a seasoned artist a decade into her career, capturing attention after the first bar. “Drowning” is going to be the late-night single for us to want to step into our feels for at least the foreseeable future.

Make sure you check out “Drowning” on Spotify below!

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Photo by Gabrielle Bower
Photo by Gabrielle Bower

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