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Platinum Trio Cash Cash And 3-Time Grammy Award Nominee Taylor Dayne Team Up On 2023’s Take on “Tell It To My Heart.”

The experiment of bringing songs from the 80s back into the 2020s continues. On our latest visit to Ultra Music/Sony Records we are checking out “Tell It To My Heart”, the latest mix from Cash Cash and Taylor Dayne.  If you are relatively new to the EDM scene and haven’t had the time to dive into the classics, then maybe Cash Cash is new to you. However, for those who have been around before the platinum trio’s hiatus, we are pleased to announce that they are back in business and ready to take on 2023. With an extensive career of producing music for more than a decade, Cash Cash has been making music that as earwormed its way into the lives of many aspiring electronic music fans. Recent successes include the song “Finest Hour” (feat. Abir) has been RIAA-certified Gold, and their 2019 collaboration with P!NK called “Can We Pretend” hit the Top 10 on AC radio!

Tell It To My Heart‘ was such a legendary song of its time with such a unique sound. The vocals alone had such a powerful instant melody that in combination with the lyrics, made for an infectious hook. The track also had such a fun, iconic 80’s tone with the synths and instruments that we really wanted to preserve in our version. I think we found the perfect balance in taking a trip down memory lane while going someplace new at the same time. There’s a popular phrase that a hit song is a hit song no matter how it’s dressed up. We took this already phenomenal song and put a whole new 2023 suit and tie on it. Taylor also is one of those artists that’s simply #stillgotit, and it shows in this version in which she completely recorded brand new vocals for.” – Cash Cash

I am really excited for fans around the world to hear my new single and collaboration with the great team Cash Cash ‘Tell It To My Heart.’” – Taylor Dayne

Cash Cash, the dance-pop trio, has teamed up with legendary dance artist Taylor Dayne to breathe new life into her 1987 classic “Tell It To My Heart.” This 2023 reimagining incorporates Taylor Dayne’s stunning vocals, re-recorded to maintain their timeless appeal. However, Cash Cash adds a contemporary twist by infusing elements of autotune and vocoder to create a groovy and digitized sound.

Hailing from New Jersey, Cash Cash brings their dynamic sound to the forefront, blending upbeat chords, a progressive bassline, and bold synths to give the track a modern flavor while retaining its disco-inspired roots. This collaboration pays homage to Taylor Dayne’s legacy while ensuring that “Tell It To My Heart” remains a vibrant and relevant dance-pop anthem for generations to come, bridging the gap between past and present with style and innovation.

Make sure you check out “Tell It To Your Heart” on Spotify below!

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