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JVNA Returns as Villain on 2nd Studio Album “Play With You” and Takes Listeners Inside An Anime Video Game

There aren’t many returning artists that we’ve slept on the lead up to a big project, but this is one of them. On our latest peek into the EDM world we are checking out Play With You, the new album from JVNA. Raised by Taiwanese immigrants, JVNA took to music early in life, sitting down at a piano by age 6 and writing songs by age 11. Her studies would later continue at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where she received proper training in a wide range of instruments while also beginning her music creation journey. Having learned how to score films and video games, JVNA would remix scenes of her favorite anime and videogames, with her edit of MapleStory‘s “Login Theme” reaching half a million views in under 24 hours. JVNA would release multiple singles since then, including one mourning her father’s passing, and embarked on a sold-out US tour. While the pandemic cut the tour a tad short, this gave JVNA the chance to step back into the studio and prepare the world for her official album debut.

I see life like a video game, and we are all given the option to take on different quests. In this album, I imagine myself breaking free from the prison my enemies have put me in. And setting fire in their world with laughter! Muahahaha” – JVNA

JVNA has embarked on a transformative journey with her latest album, Play With You. following the teaser release of the single of the same name. This album marks a significant shift in her artistic paradigm, where she adopts a seductive, siren-like anime persona. The album takes listeners on an eclectic musical odyssey, ranging from cinematic bass production and rap vocals in tracks like “The World Is Mine” to dark and haunting melodies in “Demon Time.” JVNA even explores trance, hardstyle, and melodic dubstep influences, showcasing her versatility and willingness to experiment across various genres.

Play With You is a testament to JVNA’s artistic growth and her fearless approach to pushing boundaries in her music. This album invites the world to witness a new side of her, one that boldly embraces transformation and innovation. It’s a captivating and immersive musical journey that promises to leave a lasting impact on the music industry and showcases JVNA’s ability to craft intricate sonic landscapes while maintaining a strong sense of identity and creativity.

Make sure you check out Play With You on Spotify below!

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