Alt Rock Band Yakima Drops 2nd Tease “Thanks” From “Go Virtually’ Upcoming Debut Album

Photo credit: Anna Maria Gallagher
Photo credit: Anna Maria Gallagher

In this alternative world, especially during these interesting times, it is important to have a message behind the beats and vibes. This time around we are checking out the intriguing alternative rock band Yakima and their brand new single “Thanks”. Going through the motions trying to figure out their exact sound, the band has dropped a handful of limited singles, dabbling in different corners of the alternative world. After an early age of exploration, Yakima settled in to produce their brand new debut album in a rather unique setting. Settling in for the long haul in a rustic gatehouse outside of a castle, the almost dreary setting lets their imaginations run wild. “Thanks” is the 2nd single from the Go Virtually, with plenty of praise and support from their first drop “It Helped”. This led to Yakima even snagging the chance to perform at the first YALA! Records night event held in Glasgow!

“Thanks is the result of us trying to be mellow. It’s intended for those who give it a listen to close their eyes and imagine us preparing their favourite meal for them in a delicate fashion.”​- Neil McArthur (Bassist for Yakima)

The more we deep dive and explore this alternate world, the more we see the layers of skill hiding just under the surface. Yakima doesn’t hold anything back, putting their thoughts and feeling out on display for anyone to dive into that is willing to listen. For example, the band’s previous single “It Helped” expressed feelings of hopelessness and the desire to overcome the addiction to nicotine. “Thanks” takes us back to the initial rise of indie rock music in the late 90s, guiding us as we make our way through the haze to uncover something within ourselves. If anything, we can easily say that we can’t wait for Go Virtually to drop and further explore the Yakima methodology. Join us in streaming Go Virtually when it drops in just a few weeks on April 3rd.

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Who is Yakima?

Guitar & Vocals – John Houston (Guitar & Vocals) | Neil McArthur (Bass & Vocals) | Paul Bradley (Guitar) | Kay McLaren (Drums & Percussion) | Additional Guitar & Piano – Benji Compston & Jon EE Allan

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