Chicago Multi-Instrumentalist Boxout Releases New Twist on Break-Up Songs “Daylight Runaway”

When you have the skill set to perform in more than one genre, you better don’t let that opportunity fade away and make it apart of your persona. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Daylight Runaway”, the latest single from Boxout. Hailing from Chicago, Jordan Kahn is a producer, singer, songwriter, ukulelist, multi-instrumentalist, and took on the pseudonym of Boxout all the way back in 2015.  Kahn’s love for music began even earlier when at the age of 15 he began writing and producing original music, Taking influence from the likes of The 1975, Avicii, and Abhi the Nomad, Kahn urges to take Boxout and make an entirely original sound, while still paying homage and acknowledging his influences. Boxout found recent success in 2020 with his hit single “I Just Want To Be The One You Love”, where he used a 1940s vocal jazz group and fused it with contemporary beats, netting him over 20 million streams online.

Alright, we all know what you are thinking. “Man, MN is showcasing yet another break-up song? When will they promo something different?” Well, Boxout might be here to drop his latest relationship-ending inspired single, but it is a twist on the over-used break-up narrative. combining elements of electronic, hip hop, pop-punk and indie music, Boxout’s original approach to the break-up story is filled with nostalgia and changes the narrative of woe and gloom to one of newfound independence, free from the struggle of a troubling relationship. Sunny and upbeat, the blend of hip-hop and pop-punk lyrics creates an allure that slowly entices us to sing along with the single, becoming our own “Daylight Runaway”. Damn, the freedom that this single elevates and broadcasts is infectious.

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