New Alternative Project The Eaton Wash Drops Debut Single “Interrupted Sweatshirt (Different Blood)”

When anyone decides to finally make the plunge into a new project, their debut single is the first major milestone of that journey. On our latest visit to the indie world we are checking out “Interrupted Sweatshirt (Different Blood)” from The Eaton Wash. Created by mutli-talented musician K.C. Maloney, The Eaton Wash is the latest moniker for Maloney to dawn as an ever-changing musician. Maloney began developing The Eaton Wash as the world shut down back in 2020, while he fought against bouts of depression and writer’s block. Strongly believing that creative people can’t be pigeonholed into one facet of a vision, Maloney traded in his previous act Adult Karate for The Eaton Wash, named after a paved river running through his hometown of Pasadena. Maloney plans to release The Eaton Wash’s debut album Stay Around later this fall, which will its own journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

“Am I supposed to be ‘good’ during my life? Does it matter? If it doesn’t matter, why am I programmed to feel like it does? Was what I did during my life ‘good enough’ to get me to the next phase, whatever that is? It’s a theme that pops up several times on the album (not really by design, that’s just how it came out).” – K.C Maloney

We haven’t been this early to a debut release single in a long time, yet we’re absolutely thrilled to have the chance to crack open this egg. We very much agree with Maloney’s idea of adopting a new mask for each project, as this very writer struggles to fit his wide range of interests under one umbrella. Before we tangent too hard, “Interrupted Sweatshirt” is an interesting single to choose as the debut release from your project. Laced with 90s alternative flair and just a tinge of modern psych-rock for the border, this single shows that while Maloney is a superb instrumentalist, the concept of The Eaton Wash is just starting to blossom. Through this alternative lens the track is able to explore concepts such as mortality and morality, begging the listener to take part in the conversation themselves. We are going to have to wait for Stay Around to release so we can see what exactly The Eaton Wash decides to become.

Make sure you check out “Interrupted Sweatshirt (Different Blood)” on Spotify below!

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The Eaton Wash

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