After a Strong Debut, BLVD. Drops Second Grime-Filled Single “Full Send”

The lead up to a new album is always exciting, especially when it’s your first. This week we actually looked up from our desk to see BLVD as he dropped off his brand new single “Full Send”. Determined to show listeners a grittier side of house music, BLVD is stepping onto the stage to make a major splash on the industry. While BLVD is relatively unknown by the general populace, he has already received support from Diplo & Friends, RL Grime, and Ekali just to name a few. If you ask us, we’d say that those are quality people to have in your corner as you make your way up the electronic ladder.

The growing world of grime is thriving as always with its pool of producers filled to the brim with talent. BLVD easily rises to the top of that pool, as he has actually convinced us to like the grime genre! The second release after his debut single “Crowd Control” back in May, “Full Send” serves as a better example of BLVD’s skills now that he is comfortable in the sandbox. The track matches BLVD’s debut in heaviness and grittiness, drawing listener’s ears to the mechanical synth work and the completely jarring percussion that glues everything together. BLVD’s approach to bass music feels refreshing, yet the atmospheres that he creates feel threatening and exhilarating.

Make sure you check out “Full Send” on Spotify below!

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