Montreal Indie-Pop Trio Ivytide Drop Moody Lo-Fi Single “miss u btw”, Plenty of Bedroom Pop Vibes!

With the world of indie-pop being as accessible as it has ever been, more and more artists are finding their way to put a spin on the familiar genre. On our latest visit to our northern neighbors, we are checking out “miss u btw”, the newest single from indie-pop group Ivytide. Hailing out of our favorite Canadian city Montreal, Ivytide was created by musicians Nathan Gagné (vocals/guitar), Jamie Snytte (guitar) and Kyle Ruggiero during a chance meeting at a recording studio. Almost immediately Nathan, Jamie, and Kyle synced up and found fluid chemistry through their songwriting. They also discovered their mutual love for lo-fi indie-pop music which led to an extensive collection of bedroom pop songs and a net of 2.5 million streams across the Ivytide catalog. The band found success from fans in the indie pop world, which led to listings in Indie Pop & Chill, Montreal Chill, and Chill Vibes and tastemaker praise from the likes of Indie88 and CBC Q.

miss u btw represents one side of a two-tailed story. Parting ways with someone leads to an inevitable feeling of withdrawal, pulling you back into the relationship you once had. The other side of the story reflects all the countless fights and sleepless nights that drew you apart in the first place. While knowing things ended for a reason, a creeping feeling of nostalgia ceases to put your mind at ease.” – Ivytide

With the almost unstoppable rise of indie/bedroom pop music and lo-fi, artists like Ivytide are taking the framework and molding it to fit within their own style. “miss u btw” is the latest groovy gem to come out of the Ivytide camp, and it serves as a continuation of their developing sound. Blending elements of classic solo singer/songwriter with more minimal lo-fi beats, the track has all of the attractive features to make it an underground hit. Utilizing heavily distorted bass and prominent indie drums to set the stage, Nathan’s songwriter vocal performance commands the production and steals the show. The performance hits the right level of rawness that helps elevate the track’s moody and emotional lyrics right up to surface level. As Ivytide continues to develop and shape their sound, you know that we at Modern Neon will be keeping an eye on their progress.

Make sure you check out “miss u btw” on Spotify below!

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