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Songwriter BXB LOVE Shifts Gears For 2nd Single “IGNORANCE SONG”, Ditching Acoustics for Alt Rock

We receive lots of joy when we are able to support a talented artist this early on in her career. On our latest dive in the indie world we are checking out “IGNORANCE SONG”, the newest single from artist BXB LOVE. Created by Canadian-born but Los Angeles-based singer Natasha Pheko, BXB LOVE is Pheko’s method to dive deep into genre-bending music that she desired to create. LOVE sprinted out of the gate with her initial debut “matrix” which nabbed her recognition on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” and “New Music Fridays” playlists. While “matrix” was soft, sensual, and acoustic, LOVE flips the script and shows a different facet of her artistic expression in “IGNORANCE SONG”. It is already quickly becoming clear that you don’t know what you are going to get when you push play on a BXB LOVE song. However, at this point we do know that each time you do listen it is going to definitely be a different yet exciting trip.

“It’s about letting go of your perceived and projected identities, and realizing that we just ARE. Life is a performance, and we can choose the labels and identities that we use to express our being, without being attached to them. We get to grow, evolve, change, shed. And there’s really nothing to prove to anyone once you free yourself of the belief that you need to prove your worth, or validate/justify how you choose to express your being. It’s my anthem to a generation that is rewriting what identity means and the ways in which we choose to express that.” – BXB LOVE

If you thought “IGNORANCE SONG” was going to be anything like “matrix”, you are absolutely wrong. The track explores the wide concept of being a 20 something in the year 20 something, especially all of the highlights and the chaos. The track opens with an upbeat and excited chant from crowds of the future, then stepping off the stage to make room for the rest of the alt-rock banger that LOVE brought with her. Hazy vocals? Check. Plenty of alt-rock percussions? Double check. Most importantly though, earwormy guitar? Of course! BXB LOVE is determined to explore the fluidity of the human experience through her music without the confines of a gendered label.   While this may only be LOVE’s second song released to the masses, we know that if we want plenty of variety from a single artist, we are heading to BXB LOVE. 

Make sure you check out “IGNORANCE SONG” on Spotify below or on your favorite platform!

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Photo Credit: Sophie Gragg (@itssophielol)

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