Blues Rock Band The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer Release New Remix Album “Post Apocalipstick”

Alright, while we were intrigued by their music, today’s artist’s name absolutely sold us. On this week’s visit to our neighbors up North we are checking out Post Apocalipstick, the newest album from The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer.  Founded back in the early 2010’s, H&AM have been releasing psychadelic rock music to the masses who are willing to suspend their disbelief and listen. The band found their recent taste of success with their 2014 album A Real Fine Mess, which snagged them both a JUNO nomination in 2014 and two WMCA wins in 2015. The album Apocalipstick was originally released in 2017, generating even more buzz for H&AM. Since then their music has been featured on multiple TV shows including  ‘CSI’, ‘NCIS: New Orleans’, ‘Bitten’, ‘Killjoys’, ‘The Good Wife’, and ‘Blue Bloods’. Now four years after the album’s initial release, H&AM decided to completely redo the album for the 2021 world in music…thus giving birth to Post Apocalopstick. 

Alright, your first observation may be that Post Apocalipstick may just be a re-release of Apocalipstick. However, Post Apocalipstick is completely different from the original album, like Apocalipstick waas forcibly pushed into a blender and fused into a completely new project. H&AM may have set out to make a remix record, yet they wanted this album to sound like anything but just another remix record. Serving as a more out of box interpretation of the original tracks, Post Apocalipstick is H&AM’s way of injecting more cinematic drama into their psychadelic classics. Tiptoeing the lines between psychadelic and blues rock, each song on the album feels like a different sonic audible experience where fans of psy rock can lose their minds. H&AM blends the concepts of classic psy and modern ambient music, resulting in a remixed concept album that intrigues us and lures us into this fever dream of a musical genre.

Make sure you check out Post Apocalipstick on Spotify below!

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