Songwriter Dawson Gamble Drops Poppy New Single “Get Myself Over You”

There are musicians who have a monumental turning point in their lives that set them on that path. However, there are others who were born into the world with a guitar in hand. This week we are checking out “Get Myself Over You”, the latest single from musician Dawson Gamble. Being introduced to music at an early age, Dawson looked to his father for inspiration and to push him in the right direction. The influence finally came when Dawson picked up his father’s 1979 Fender Strat guitar, and at that moment a path was clear. Deriving from his father’s love of classic rock and blues and the rising hip hop + R’n’B scene, Dawson fully immersed himself as a musician.  Dawson instrumental skills allowed him chances to work with a large number of artists such as Geoff Warburton, Tyler Shaw, Victoria Duffield, and even playing banjo on stage with country singer Justin Tyler.

Even though you learn plenty about yourself as a musician when involved in a group, but every musician needs to strike out on their own. Dawson took this jump and is now currently working on his first solo project, with today’s track being only his second drop. “Get Myself Over You” easily serves as a clear example of Dawson’s musical roots, like Eric Clapton, Ed Sheeran, and John Mayer. The track highlights both of Dawson’s strengths, his optimistic-sounding vocals and guitar work, while at the same time not having one element take over the other. While the theme of “Get Myself Over You” is definitely not new, Dawson sure as hell knows how to craft a song that slaps and pushes us to sing along.

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