Surreal Bass Music Producer TALEX Releases Debut EP “Illusions” on Gravitas Music!

Once you have a taste of the surreal and experimental side of music, it is hard to go back to anything in the norm. On our latest visit to Gravitas we are checking out Illusions, the debut EP of TALEX. Tyler Alexander created the musical project TALEX in 2018, which aims to create a new sonic landscape through emotional, cinematic song structure and powerful full-spectrum sound design. He focuses on pulling as much emotion into each piece as possible and aims to provoke introspection from the listener. Tyler’s live sets replicate a journey and incorporate live scratching and sampling to create a captivating experience for the audience. He currently resides in Brooklyn. TALEX achieved over 500k streams across various platforms within a few years in the music scene. They have also released music on several labels, including all:Lo Collective, The Gradient Perspective, Aspire Higher, and 40oz Collective.

“This project is meant to be a cinematically, emotionally driven piece to help make sense of the constant cloak we, and society, wave in front of our eyes. Covering the illusions of: Reality, Love, Spirituality, and Perception, the music is supposed to be heard front to back and provide a sense of comfort in knowing others can be facing the same confusion about life that the listener might be.” – TALEX

Even though he’s only been on the scene for a few years, TALEX making his debut on Gravitas almost feels like a match made in heaven. The EP’s title track, “Illusions”, features a beautiful soundscape with enchanting vocal chops and pads. The drops introduce catchy drumbeats and build into something bigger. The tracks “Desire” and “Skies Above” maintain a cinematic feel with mesmerizing vocals and deeper bass-heavy sounds. The final track “Perception” features rapper Malik Elijah and blends bass music and rap with heavy sound design and enchanting synths. The EP takes the listener on a surreal journey with epic breakdowns and peak energy drops. It is clear that TALEX may just have a winning formula to craft literal music poetry.

Make sure you check out Illusions on Spotify below!

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