Cassie Marin Reveals Autoimmune Battle & Explores Her Cuban-American Heritage in “Tanto”

When the opportunity presents itself to embrace your heritage within your art, you should jump at the chance. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Tanto”, the latest single from Cassie Marin. Hailing from the ever bright city in the sun of Miami, Marin actually didn’t have dreams early on of being a musician. Originally focused on being a gymnast, Marin wanted to become an Olympian athlete and stepped onto that career path as soon as she could. However, after having those dreams dashed after a serious injury at age 13, Marin discovered her love for music. Teaching herself how to produce and write songs from the ground up, Marin pivoted her dedication to being an Olympian into creating the exact kind of music that she had rattling around in her head.

“after waking up one day completely covered in burning hives, I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that no doctor I sought out could seem to give a name to. I felt helpless and defeated looking at my body in the mirror covered by this red shape that seemed to be snaking its way along my body, taunting me with a loss of control. My hives come and go, making themselves known on what felt like the most inconvenient of days. I felt like I needed to hide from people so they wouldn’t cringe, ask questions or feel sorry for me. Every morning I would wake up with something new on my plate to face, and that’s exactly what ‘Tanto’ is about. I’ve bloomed so much from this experience and I’m still learning how to approach every obstacle with a sense of excitement and curiosity, but most importantly, I’ve grown to have so much gratitude for my body and all that she does for me.” – Cassie Marin

When an artist chooses to move in a drastically different direction musically, the reception from their core base can vary wildly. However, Marin is back with the latest single to come out of her camp, “Tanto”, which serves as her initial exploration into the world of Latin music as a professional artist. The track serves as a homage to her Cuban-American roots, as well as giving Marin a chance to actually perform a single entirely in Spanish, which is her first language. “Tanto” is perhaps Marin at her most vulnerable, as she reveals that she has been battling an autoimmune disease in private for the last seven years and how this battle inspired her to add this single to her repertoire. While it is clearly influenced from classic Latin pop singles, Marin carefully weaves her indie-electronic sound throughout the track to still keep “Tanto” fully Marin. 

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