PINEO & LOEB Recruit FUEG & Ellie Sax For Genre-Bending Addictive Single “Good Vibe Feeling”

Sometimes you happen to join forces because of a mistake, but find out that you may have found your creative match. On our first visit over to Casual Jam Records, we are checking out “Good Vibe Feeling”, the latest drop from PINEO & LOEB. Now today’s producers have a rather entertaining meeting story, which if didn’t happen we probably wouldn’t have them as a duo today. Originally booked for the same show, PINEO & LOEB were double-booked and only had a single-time slot available to perform. However, instead of duking it out for that final spot, PINEO & LOEB realized their creative potential and played a back-to-back set, never going back.  A few of their original releases include hits such as include “Daydreaming,” “Circles,” and “Body Right.”. This time around though, PINEO & LOEB recruited hip-hop maestro FUEG and saxophonist Ellie Sax to truly take “Good Vibe Feeling” across genre lines.

Now if you have been following Modern Neon for any amount of time, you know that we love not only fusion tracks but the saxophone as well. While it may take four artists to bring this addictive banger to life, we couldn’t be more hooked. Using an absolutely killer saxophone melody as the top-line, “Good Vibe Feeling” seamlessly weaves in between house, hip hop, and underground lounge styles with ease. PINEO & LOEB reach into the past to set the stage for the future, sampling Canadian artist Estiban and expanding the track’s appeal across multiple generations. Ellie Sax comes across the sea from the U.K. to hold the track’s instrumentals together, with her mesmerizing sax performance completely dominating at the core. Also, while we would be fine with this track as an instrumental, FUEG’s smooth vocals wrap the entire production up with a nice bow. Now only if we could extend “Good Vibe Feeling” by another minute, the track would be perfect.

Make sure you check out The 6th Mom jamming to “Good Vibe Feeling” on YouTube below or listen to the full version over on Spotify!

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