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Powerhouse Duo SLANDER Reunite With William Black for “Keep U Warm” , Beautiful Ballad Alongside Singer/Songwriter Jordan Shaw.

We’ve been waiting in the wings for today’s artist to come back to Modern Neon, since we’ve been keeping an eye on them since the early days. On our latest visit to Heaven’s Sent we are checking out “Keep U Warm”, the latest from SLANDER, William Black,  and Jordan Shaw. SLANDER, the Los Angeles-based duo, has solidified their status as pioneers of emotional melodic bass music, garnering millions of fans worldwide with their signature sound. With a jam-packed tour schedule, including a highly anticipated set at EDC Las Vegas and headline dates across China, their electrifying performances promise to captivate audiences with pulsating beats and soul-stirring melodies. Their label serves as a hub for innovation, nurturing talents and pushing boundaries in the electronic music landscape.

William Black, emerging from Denver, has soared to prominence with his distinct sound that delves deep into the human experience. Embarking on ‘The Nature of Hope’ Tour, his music explores themes of mental health, addiction, love, and loss, resonating profoundly with audiences. Teaming up with Jordan Shaw for collaborations like “Last Forever,” Black’s journey across iconic venues showcases the transformative power of music, from the Hollywood Palladium to the intimate confines of the Crystal Ballroom. Together with SLANDER and Shaw, they represent the forefront of a new era in electronic music, where emotion intertwines with melody to create an immersive sonic experience that transcends boundaries and connects souls worldwide.

 “‘Keep U Warm’ is here! Our follow-up to ‘Back To U’ with William Black has been a long time coming, and we could not be more excited to finally share it with the world. Working with William and Jordan Shaw was incredible. They are both amazing artists and we are so happy with the final version. We tried to capture some of the essence of ‘Back To U’ and build a sequel. We hope that anyone who likes our previous collaboration will give this one a shot, as well!” – SLANDER

For me, ‘Keep U Warm’ is about being selfless and loving the people you hold dear to you. When someone you love is hurting, you feel their pain, as well.” – William Black

SLANDER, the celebrated duo synonymous with emotionally charged melodic bass music, has once again mesmerized fans with their latest collaboration, “Keep U Warm,” featuring William Black and the soulful vocals of Jordan Shaw. This heartfelt ballad encapsulates the unwavering power of love’s embrace, with Shaw’s stirring vocals serving as a comforting blanket of affection. Through poignant lyrics and a delicate blend of piano melodies, acoustic guitar strums, and uplifting synth progressions, the song unfolds as a tender anthem of devotion, showcasing the willingness to go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the safety and solace of a beloved partner. “Keep U Warm” resonates as an infectious chorus that captures the euphoric essence of true love, reaffirming SLANDER’s mastery in crafting emotionally resonant musical experiences that captivate audiences worldwide.

Make sure you check out “Keep U Warm” on Spotify below!

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