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NYC Duo CLAVVS Tease Upcoming “O” Album With New Indie Pop Dance Single “Stay Forever”

We know that we are in a golden age of music creation when we see many talented producers bursting out and forming their own labels to support their efforts. On today’s dive into the indie world we are checking out “Stay Forever”, the latest single from the producing duo CLAVVS. This duo has definitely been busy, spending plenty of time in the studio crafting a brand new album and launching their own independent music label Turn to Wind Recordings back in 2020. If CLAVVS isn’t already on your radar, you are definitely missing out on this indie dance duo. Already having multiple albums under their belt, CLAVVS gained the attention of outlets like NPR, Consequence of Sound and Under the Radar. Their music also found room to grow on multiple series including Netflix’s YouTiny Pretty ThingsLocke & Key, and Charmed, among many others. Today’s single, “Stay Forever”, is actually the first release on Turn to Wind Recordings and will kickstart a slew of interesting content on the horizon!

When it comes to our dives into the indie world, most of the time we gravitate towards pop and rock even though our core has been electronic and dance.  CLAVVS  burst into our inbox and rotation with “Stay Forever”, a solid electro-indie gem that appears joyful yet feels cathartic at the same time. The track is the duo’s first official single off their upcoming album O, which will drop in full in July. Throughout “Stay Forever” CLAVVS uses groovy synths and chill bass to create this almost symbiotic feeling, exploring the current style that CLAVVS is currently cultivating. The track embodies the key concepts of O, which plans to delicately tiptoe on the fine line between feelings of joy and catharsis through music. Remember, if you haven’t had your fill of CLAVVS, keep an eye out for more singles leading up to the release of in July!

Make sure you check out “Stay Forever” on Spotify below!

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