Alt-Pop Singer Songwriter Teddy Fontana Drops Dark Pop Vulnerable Sophomore EP “Paradise City”

Simply put, the alt-pop movement has blown up in the indie scene over the last few years and there is plenty of talent still hiding just underneath the surface. On today’s dive into the alt-pop work we are checking out Paradise City, the latest EP from the talented Teddy Fontana. After spending many years as a young child writing her own songs, there was no doubt in Fontana’s mind that she was going to find her rocket to stardom. Discovering her love for pop music very early on, her mother signed Fontana up for piano lessons. However, like many creatives in the music world, she found herself writing and creating her own songs instead of recited the necessary sheet music. Now jump to 2021, where Fontana found herself being mentored by the likes of City Beats (Doja Cat) and supporting her effort to cement in her position in the indie scene. Already snagging hundreds of thousands of streams under her belt, Fontana is quickly becoming a mainstay in Los Angeles’s growing indie-pop scene.

“In writing these songs we really tried to inject the music with our day to day feelings and energy. We recorded the whole project at a music studio in Laurel Canyon with a vast musical history. We chose the title Paradise City because Los Angeles itself felt very pertinent to the creation of the record. Lyrically there are songs that I hope will be cathartic and relatable, and also songs that I hope will invigorate the listener with confidence and electricity.” – Teddy Fontana

As the alt-pop scene continues to flourish, you have to try harder and harder to stand out from the fray. Now on her sophomore effort, Fontana may have found the winning combination in her alt-pop formula. As her second major EP, Paradise City serves as a playground for Fontana to spread her wings and showcase all of her skills to the fullest as a performer. Written in the midst of the negative energy following out of the COVID-19 pandemic, Paradise City is Fontana’s way of injecting vulnerable music into our daily lives and bypassing all of the unnecessary noise. Utilizing a retro aesthetic and more sonic sounds, Fontana and team created a perfect selection of alt-pop beats that encapsulate the listener in a wave of moody dark pop while still stepping out of the way for Fontana’s vocal stylings to take the lead. If you need a new dose of alt-pop in your rotation, Teddy Fontana and Paradise City are both worth a listen.

Make sure you check out Paradise City on Spotify below!

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