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Felix Cartal Embraces Rebellion in Latest Single “My Last Song” With Songwriter Hanne Mjøen

While the name of the song might not be true, you know that when another Felix Cartal track is released we will be here with coverage. On our latest visit over to Physical Presents we were able to check out “My Last Song”, the next single from Felix Cartal. Felix has been busy, with multiple standalone productions with other producers including successful producer Kaskade. Felix will also be touring internationally so everyone will be able to see it sometime soon. Due to his most recent success, Felix has even garnered over 45 million streams over on his Spotify! Felix Cartal has been a consistent staple in the Modern Neon cycle, winning us over with his previous hits “Over It” and “Love Me“. Clearly, Felix, you are doing something right and we want to keep seeing Felix Cartal find success and grow as an artist. However, Felix isn’t the only one that deserves recognition for this track as he recruited Hanne Mjøen to add her style to the track. Just coming off her latest release “Hell With You” and co-writing “You Could Be” with R3HAB, Hanne is on fire and skyrocketing. She has already received recognition from Paper Magazine, Billboard, Refinery 29, Pop Sugar, Pop Matters, The Fader, Teen Vogue, Your EDM, The Line of Best Fit, Earmilk, and Magnetic Magazine.

My Last Song‘ is one of the most honest songs on my upcoming album. It’s always been tricky for me to put into words how I may be feeling. On the one hand, I feel grateful that I have this outlet to express myself, but on the other hand, I feel sort of guilty that I then no longer have a desire to express those feelings after it’s put into a song. Part of me will always protest openness in relationships to some degree because, hey it’s in the song now… Isn’t that enough? Is this why I’m single still? (laughs).” – Felix Cartal

My Last Song‘ is the perfect description of how it feels to invest every emotion and put all your energy and time into making music. It’s hard to balance relationships and a career, especially when they ask for too much or start accusing you of being cold. I loved writing this with Felix, it’s so rare I work with producers that actually care about the lyrics, and we connected on this vibe.” – Hanne Mjøen

While we are used to Felix using his upbeat productions to craft dance gems, Hanne Mjøen is here to take Felix on a different journey, Embracing Hanne’s more rebellious nature and outlook, “My Last Song” allows Felix to dabble on the darker side of dance-pop while still tiptoeing back into the light whenever he needs to. Allowing Hanne to take the lead with her indifferent attitude and bitter lyrics,  Felix stretches his creative muscles and drops an almost melancholy piano-led production that is completely complimentary. “My Last Song” oozes self-confidence, which many people around the world need a dose of as they integrate back to normal society. The track is the latest single from Felix’s upcoming album Expensive Sounds For Nice People, which will be dropping in full on June 25th.

Make sure you check out “My Last Song” on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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