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New Rock Single from Canadian Prog Rockers The Unraveling “Revolt”

Hello everybody! I know it has been a while since we dabbled in music on this site, but it is time to change that!



What is the first thing you do after battling cancer and winning? You record new music of course. Newly announced from Independent Music Promotions is Canadian metalheads The Unraveling’s newest single “Revolt”. The track’s release is even more enticing, as the band will be releasing 24 pieces of album artwork which will lyrically form a full cover once the spread is over. “Revolt” has that metal sound the The Unraveling has become known for, and is nice to see them back in the game.

Now who exactly are The Unraveling? Compare them to the likes of Tool for instance, both have that similar psychedelic yet twisted take on progressive metal. I definitely recommend checking out their last album, 13 Arcane Hymns, as it is a great listen while telling you exactly who The Unraveling are without explaining a damn thing.

While Steve Moore was away kicking cancer’s ass, Gus De Beauville wasn’t keeping quiet. Gus has also been quite busy with his solo material, appearing in numerous magazines as well as releasing his own album, Volume 1, early last year. Cancer may have hindered their progress, but as Moore has shown, it was only a delay of minuscule proportions.

Check out the music video for The Unraveling’s last release “Move Forward Until You Are Dead”.

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