Producer RIP Youth Injects Positivity Into Our Lives With Dance-Pop Crossover “It’s A Vibe”

Now this is definitely a vibe that we can hop on. On our latest peek into the electronic world we are checking out “It’s A Vibe”, the latest single from RIP Youth. Created by songwriter/producer James Maas, RIP Youth is the new moniker from Maas, who has been busy adding their influence to the modern electronic music world for the last decade. Originally discovered by radio broadcaster Alan Jones (Dennis Handlin AM, Chairman, Sony BMG Australia and Australia’s number one radio broadcaster), the door was left open just enough for Maas to shove his foot in the door. Over the last decade, Maas has had many notches in his belt, including collaborating with R3HAB, CXLOE, JOJO, Brian McFadden, and Stella Santana just to name a few. Now embracing being RIP Youth, his debut single “You Love” was well received by fans and audiences alike, sparking the fire for the next step in Maas’s career.

Regardless of your circumstances, everyone can appreciate a positive dance anthem. The latest drop from RIP Youth’s camp, “It’s A Vibe” is an addictive dance-pop crossover that, simply put, is overflowing with positive vibes and energy. While the track’s inspiration might be a bit in familiar territory, but it describes that moment in our lives when we meet someone who inspires us to look at the world from a different perspective through rose-colored glasses. While RIP Youth might be fresh onto the scene, “It’s A Vibe” showcases Maas’s skills from his over a decade in the industry. Rip Youth is going to be an interesting producer to watch, and we can’t wait for him to be our maestro for positive, uplifting vibes.

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RIP Youth


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