Steve Aoki Announces New Ninja Attack Project, Debut Single “Aurora” Drops on MDLBeast Records

Another visionary is jumping into the pit, ready with a brand new product for the masses. On our latest visit over to MDLBeast Records we are checking out Ninja Attack’s “Aurora”, the latest venture from electronic visionary Steve Aoki. If you are even remotely aware of the electronic music world, the name Steve Aoki has popped up on your radar more than once. A renaissance man in personal life and as a producer, Aoki’s lengthy discography includes seven studio albums, two Grammy nominations, as well as a multitude of collaborations with the likes of Lil Uzi VertMalumaBTSLinkin Park, and Louis Tomlinson, just to name a few. Not holding himself to just the music world, Aoki is also an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and author. Aoki has had his hand in the creation of many different entities, including Dim Mak Records, Dmi Make En Fuego, The AOKI Collection, as well as the Netflix documentary I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead and his book BLUE: The Color of Noise. Now wanting to expand his collection even further, Aoki partnered up with Saudi Arabian label MDLBeast in order to provide the right stage for Ninja Attack’s debut.

Man, how have we not fully dove into Steve Aoki’s lengthy repertoire yet? That is a serious crime and we are sorry. Anyway now with Ninja Attack officially primed and ready to take a step onto the global stage, we can actually see if there is any limit to Aoki’s range as a producer. With so many different styles and genres already underneath his belt, it is truly difficult to pick even a handful and choose those as his highlights. “Aurora” is a solid debut single for Ninja Attack, as the single sounds like it will be right at home with underground house and techno clubs around the world, especially when you have the likes of MDLBeast on the horn spreading the news. For fans of techno and the darker side of EDM, “Aurora” and its deep driving bass paired with a minimalist dark melody will find a place for itself in your rotation. It will be hard to dodge this Ninja Attack (Sorry not sorry).

Make sure you check out the visualizer for “Aurora” on YouTube below or listen over on Spotify!

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