Emma Negrete Shares New Official Music Video for “Magma” From Her Debut EP ‘Algorithms’

The more we explore and wave through the world of indie music, artists pop on our radar that continue to pay homage to the classics…even in 2021. On today’s dive we are checking out “Magma”, the newest track from singer-songwriter Emma Negrete. An Iowa native hailing out of Des Moines, Negrete discovered her love for music and performance while practicing on stage at age 7. That curiosity and passion blossomed, leading Negrete to study opera in her teens and further pursue music by joining the jazz conservatory at Chicago College of Performing Arts.  Quickly finding her roots as a singer and developing her own style, Negrete created her own combination from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Nicks, to modern legends like Beyoncé and Lauryn Hill.

“I believe that there is power in learning the difference between changing yourself for someone and getting yourself together for the one you really love… this is that song for me. I wrote ‘Magma’ for the passionate lovers that find themselves constantly putting out their own fires just to keep the right one burning. ‘Magma’ is an anthem for all the arsonists of love out there willing to do anything and everything to get it right.” – Emma Negrete

She may be one of the newest artists to embrace the Los Angeles musician lifestyle, but Negrete is already leaving her mark on the city’s indie music scene. Negrete received plenty of praise with the release of her most recent EP Algorithms, including recognition from  KCRW and American Songwriter, While “Magma” may be our initial introduction to Negrete’s sound, after pressing play once we already stan. Her sound feels like it was directly lifted from a bygone era of music that we miss dearly while adding the power and depth of prominent female vocalists of today’s age. A multi-layered musician with a unique perspective and vintage style, Emma Negrete is not only a talented singer by a skillful lyricist well beyond her years. If you aren’t following her career yet, what is keeping you?

Make sure you check out the music video for “Magma” on YouTube below!

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Emma Negrete

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