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Champagne Drip Takes Listeners on an Interstellar Audible Adventure in New “Comedown” EP

While we’ve always been fans of expert sound design, coming from our film background, but our continued exploration of the bass music world keeps expanding our horizons. On our latest visit to SSKWAN we are checking out Comedown, the latest drop from Champagne Drip. The latest musical incarnation of Los Angeles-based producer Samuel Pool, Champagne Drip is the embodiment of allowing inspiration to blossom into innovation. Pool has sure taken this idea to heart over the years, striving to be in the center of modern bass music as it plows forever with momentum. While he is prominently thriving in the dubstep and jungle scenes, Champagne Drip has a wide range of records in his discography. While Champagne Drip is fire in the studio, his energetic live shows spawned multiple headline tours and appearances at some of the world’s largest festivals. With the bass music world abuzz with the latest drop from Champagne Drip, at this moment he is only on a single trajectory…all the way up.

“Comedown was written almost a year into the Covid pandemic and is a total departure from my usual dance floor sound. It reflects a time when I was unable to perform for a raging crowd and was digging deeper into ambient, experimental music and the music I grew up inspired by.” – Champagne Drip

Let’s face it, while everyone was stuck inside and avoiding turning belly up during the pandemic, creatives had to find new outlets to express themselves in this limited capacity. While last time we checked in with  Champagne Drip we received heavy doses of world-inspired dance music, Comedown is a complete departure from his previous works. Surreal and ethereal, Comedown thrives in the spatial element, worming itself into the atmosphere that it almost gives the impression the space is living and trying to communicate with wee peons on Earth. Over the course of six tracks, Champagne Drip takes you from an outer space symphony to a spatial disco pitstop and eventually landing at the edge of the universe, where the soundtrack can truly be as chaotic as it wants. While Champagne Drip intrigued us with his world-inspired dance music, this audible journey throughout endless space intrigues us even more.

Make sure you check out the Comedown EP on Spotify below and over on your favorite streaming platform!

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