Trippy Produer Savej Drops Earthy Electronic Album “Solstice”, An Audible Experience

With our unique position of focusing on primarily electronic and independent artists, we have some rather unique artists slide into our inbox. This time around we are heading on over to Gravitas for Solstice, a brand new drop from the talented Savej. As a self-proclaimed student of life, Savej spent years of his life exploring the connective consciousness as well as humanity’s connection to nature and all of its wonder. While being fascinated by skilled throat singing over the years, it wasn’t until recently that Savej took the plunge and decided to add the skill to their tool belt. Many many sore throats later (just around a mere 50) and six weeks, Savej learned the Kargyraa technique of throat singing and can be heard on the album’s title track “Solstice”. There are a few other little intricacies sprinkled throughout the album, so you may need to take the journey for yourself and see what you can find.

While each track on Solstice offers a different experience for the listener, there are two tracks that we have no problem sliding into our repertoire. “Solstice” and “One Truth”. The album’s title track is perhaps the stand out in terms of showcasing the lengths that Savej will go to appease his fascination. While we have heard throat singing before, we haven’t heard it sound this impressive from someone who could still be considered an amateur. On the flip side “One Truth” is the highlight track in regards to our connection to the natural way. Savej allows the Native American flute to take center stage throughout “One Truth”, appropriately tuned to 432Hz. Believed by some to be in sync with time and the Earth’s rotation, 432 shows itself throughout the album. Solstice’s core tracks are even 4:32 long! If you need music to help clear your mind and explore like it is your own mental sandbox, Savej and Solstice are ready for you.

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