America’s Got Talent Semi-Finalist ALONZO Celebrates Black History Month With New Single “Respect”

As we move into February, it is time to highlight talented artists in the African American community who are using their talents to bring attention to 2021’s Black History Month. On our latest dive into the indie scene we came across ALONZO and his latest single “Respect”. An incredibly talented musician in his own right, the rock pop soul artist ALONZO wanted to bring more attention towards this year’s Black History Month. Reaching the America’s Got Talent semi-finals, ALONZO has plenty of accolades under his belt as a performer and artist, which makes him a prime candidate to help keep the conversation going. ALONZO has sold out four tours across Asia and LA, as well as earning recognition from the Prince Estate to be the first approved artist to sing on the 4 U Prince tour. ALONZO found more recent success with his latest single “Sexin’ You” debuting smack dab in between Usher and Chris Brown at #21 on iTunes.

“I wanted to release this song to kick off Black History Month as an affirmation,  A new anthem that Black people can sing from the rooftops with pride & confidence.” – ALONZO

Wanting to keep this all-important conversation surrounding African American rights in the spotlight after 2020, ALONZO took “Respect” and crafted it as the first single off his new album ENOUGH. A resounding anthem for all African Americans out there needing support, the track blends all facets of ALONZO’s musical talents into an elegant and powerful concoction. Three incredibly long years of ALONZO’s musical career, this upcoming album serves as an introspection into his heart and soul, pouring out into each track for the listener to examine at will. ALONZO himself sums it up best:

The album is called ENOUGH because I’m done with allowing myself to be held back by perfectionism and fear. I wanted to affirm that I am enough. My talent is enough. Black people are enough. The black women that raised me are enough. Our beauty is enough. We are enough.” – ALONZO

If you like what you read/heard, make sure you check out the rest of ALONZO’s album, ENOUGH, which will be released in full on March 3rd.

Make sure you check out “Respect” on Spotify below or on Apple Music and Soundcloud!

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