LA-Based Indie Group Historian Teases Dark Upcoming Rock LP With Single “Witch Hazel”

With the rise of streaming and the openness to a wide variety of music at our fingertips, the independent scene is absolutely on fire with unique content. While we have been busy planning out our December schedule, we were treated to a brand new single “Witch Hazel” from the LA-Based indie group HistorianLed by the eclectic lead singer Chris Karmen, Historian drives themselves on staying true to their craft. Who needs to make commercially viable music anyway if you love what you create? Having matured their style since Historian’s inception, they live in the indie space and fall among the stars each time they drop an album. Seven albums deep and with three in 2019 along, Historian moves out the beat of their own drum.

”It’s about as close to a rock album as we’re likely to make. Thematically, it’s focused on how social engineering is steering us away from a more meaningful life. As a society we are moving towards a culture of constant distraction with screens everywhere, removing us from our natural rhythms and internal lives.” – Chris Karmen

With a production like Historianyou can say they clearly derive from artists like Radiohead and Deerhunter, but a label is just a restriction on creativity. For example, looking at their first single off their next album Distractions, “Witch Hazel” may be constructed in an alt-rock form but that is only the top layer. Karmen’s blends his vocal performance with distortions and chanting, almost guiding us to a new unknown world. We expect that each song off Distractions will be dark and distinguishable, incorporating plenty of under-used instruments to create this vision of our world. The world is not normal and waiting for it to adjust itself is a waste of time.

Make sure you check out “Witch Hazel” on Soundcloud below!

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