Producer SubDocta Drops Debut Album “Strictly Business”, Showcasing His “West Coast Wobble” For The Masses

While we appreciate and are amazed by the more atmospheric bass music we’ve been consuming as of late, every so often we an artist to come in and literally rough us up a bit….with bass (yeah…totally). On our latest visit over to WAKAAN we are checking out Strictly Business, the official debut album of SubDocta. Originally bursting out onto the scene back in 2017, SubDocta immediately caught the attention of many heavy hitters in the bass music community. SubDocta quicked down the door with his single “2009 Was Tight”, which served as the debut of his hybrid style of dubstep that SubDocta coins as “West Coast Wobble”. With now a career going on five years, SubDocta has performed with the likes of Ganja White Night, Excision,Riot Ten, Dirt Monkey, Boogie T and Opiuo to name a few, as well as major performances at EDC Las Vegas, Bass Canyon, Electric Forest, Ever After, Dancefestopia, Lost Lands, and Wakaan Fest! SubDocta cultivated his community with numerous singles and two EP releases, which served as showcases for “West Coast Wobble” to blossom into a full art form to be recognized by the masses.

So excited to announce my debut album! It’s been a goal for a long time but in the last two years I was able to put together a body of work I really felt represented the SubDocta project well. It’s got a little bit of everything “bass music” and I am extremely proud of it. I hope you take the time to listen in order when it releases and, more importantly, I hope you enjoy it. It’s a dream come true to have an actual full length album come out. Special thanks to all the collaborators and guests for being a part of the journey with me. This is still only the beginning. – SubDocta

It has definitely been a minute since we’ve dove headfirst into a true dubstep release…and there is definitely no secondary reason for it whatsoever. While this release is the first time that SubDocta has popped up on our radar, we can already tell that his “West Coast Wobble” approach to dubstep entices us to dive in further. While this style is his primary focus, SubDocta would be a fool to put all of his eggs in one basket and not fully use the Strictly Business sandbox to explore all of the different verticals he has to offer. Strictly Business widens the scope, showing SubDocta’s other strengths in wonky dubz, drum n bass, and more fundamental dubstep, aiming to let each style have its own room to breathe. Strictly Business is a fantastic debut for an intriguing artist, and we can’t wait to see more from SubDocta as he settles in with Wakaan. 

Make sure you check out Strictly Business on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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