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Bass Producer Saturna Hypnotizes Audiences With “Luna”, Beautiful Soundscapes Waiting to be Discovered

IF you can capture the sounds of the world around you, you can very well consider yourself a maestro of the natural world. On our latest visit over to Electric Hawk we are checking out “Luna”, the newest drop from producer Saturna. While still relatively new to the bass/world music scene, Saturna has been quick to make room within this niche to thrive in his own personal playground. After gaining some initial momentum when he dropped his widely acclaimed “Departure” EP over on Sacred Hive, Saturna is ready to hit the ground running in 2022 with “Luna”. Saturna’s already gained some recognition for his impressive craftsmanship in surreal soundscapes, and “Luna” is simply more evidence of his hypnotic skill. Is “Luna” the start of a brand new project? We will have to wait and see.

“Over the last year, I found myself really inspired by some of the soundscapes and rhythms in deep dubstep. ‘Luna’ was the product of some of those inspirations surfacing in the studio.” Saturna (Dez Baker)

The more we dive into the bass & experimental worlds, the more we are willing to truly suspend and pre-conceived notions and fully allow ourselves to lose ourselves in the experience. While we’ve had world music tracks that truly take us for a ride we didn’t initially expect, “Luna” catches our awe and wonderment within the first 10 seconds. . Every sound and instrument, ebb and flow in-sync, further elevating our initial expectations of the track while building up the soundscape of “Luna” around us. “Luna” could easily be the soundtrack to our next introspective adventure of self-discovery and we definitely wouldn’t mind if we lost ourselves along the way. Hell, next time we need a surrealist producer to come in and build out our world, we’re putting Saturna on speed dial. 

Make sure you check out “Luna” on Soundcloud below!

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