Akriza Harnesses the Beautiful Elegance and Power of Spring in New Single “Bloom”

While we have always had an appreciation for the creative influence of nature, the more we explore bass musicians like today’s producer our bond is strengthened. On our latest visit over to High Vibe Records we are checking out “Bloom”, the latest single from Akriza. Hailing from the mighty West Coast city of Portland, Oregon, Akriza is an aspiring world bass producer who is making his wide range of musical styles known to the masses. While world and bass music serves as the framework for Akriza’s sonic style, Akriza’s journey through the world of electronic music simply can’t be limited.  While he may still just be early on in his career, Akriza has already performed internationally in Mexico and Guatemala, One Love Festival, and as the frontman of Wild Kingdom at sold out Down the Rabbit Hole at Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon. Akriza dropped his debut album back in 2020, but caught our attention during the second stage in his elegant journey…Templo Sagrado. 

When we began our deep dive inspection of the world of bass music in late 2020, there have been a handful of producers that truly perplexed yet blew us away with their arrangements. Akriza’s 2nd album, Templo Sagrado, happened to be one of these productions. We were so intrigued by Akriza’s surrealist audible experience that when he reached out again, we couldn’t help but not put on a full feature. Timed perfectly for the changing of seasons, “Bloom” is beautiful hip-hop meets bass wubs interpretation of the power of spring. Exploring concepts such as uplifting energy and the balance of forces, “Bloom” enraptured us within the first ten seconds and we had no urge to break free from its clutches. Frankly, would couldn’t put the feeling of listening to “Bloom” in better words than Akriza:

“As you listen, allow your body to move freely and express itself. Let the music enter your heart and allow you to drop out of your mind and deeper into your soul”.

Make sure you check out “Bloom” on Soundcloud below and over on Spotify!

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