Toronto R&B Singer, Lyhz, Reflects on “Temporary” Love and Career Changes

As we navigate throughout life, we experience change because if we don’t what kind of life are we living? On our latest peek into the R&B scene we are checking out “Temporary”, the latest single from Lyhz. Lyhz, an independent R&B artist from Toronto, ON, blends the rich legacies of African American soul and contemporary R&B-pop styles prevalent in her city. Influenced by gospel, soul, jazz, and R&B from a young age, she has developed a unique sound marked by smooth vocals, intricate melodies, and lush instrumentation. Her music creates immersive experiences that resonate deeply with listeners, both through her recorded tracks and captivating live performances.

Embodying the spirit of artistic freedom, Lyhz is deeply involved in songwriting and production, ensuring her vision is fully realized. Drawing inspiration from Toronto’s vibrant music scene, she integrates local influences with global sounds, maintaining a distinct and authentic voice. As she continues to innovate and push boundaries, Lyhz stands out as a significant and influential artist in the modern R&B landscape.

“I wrote ‘Temporary’ coming from a place of constant disappointment that opportunities, relationships and people around me, that I longed to hold as permanent fixtures in my life, were constantly fleeting, in stark contrast to how I valued them. Despite the disappointment, this is reflection on the power of letting go all that is Temporary, to make room for the acceptance that growth is moving on from short-term situations and relationships – it is only when we let go of things that don’t serve us, do we give ourselves space to find and accept everything we are truly destined for.” – Lyhz

“Temporary,” Lyhz’s evocative song, draws from her experiences as a temporary worker and the ephemeral nature of her romantic relationships, offering a poignant reflection on the longing for permanence amidst life’s transience. With soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Lyhz captures the emotional weight of encountering fleeting opportunities and connections, resonating with listeners who yearn for lasting fulfillment in a world marked by impermanence. Through her introspective journey, Lyhz highlights the power of letting go of temporary attachments, embracing growth, and creating space for the realization of one’s true destiny. Ultimately, “Temporary” serves as a compelling reminder of the beauty found in releasing that which is temporary and embracing the endless potential that lies beyond fleeting moments, inspiring listeners to seek meaning and fulfillment in the face of life’s inevitable changes.

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