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Anime Club: The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

Hello everybody! Sorry I haven’t been posting anime club the last few weeks, I have been catching up on my backlog for a few other websites. For this week’s anime club we have The Devil Is A Part Timer!



STARRING: Nao Tōyama , Ryota Ohsaka, Yōko Hikasa, Yuuki Ono, Asuka Nishi, Azumi Asakura, Hiro Shimono, Hiroki Yasumoto, Kanae It, Katsuhisa Houki, Yūichi Iguchi, Yumi Uchiyama

DIRECTOR: Naoto Hosoda

NO. OF EPISODES: 13 episodes

GENRE: Comedy, fantasy

YEAR: 2013


The Demon Lord and one of his generals, Alciel, escape Ente Isla through a portal to modern Tokyo, Japan after being confronted by the Hero Emilia Justina and her companions. However, due to the lack of magic in the modern contemporary world, both the Demon Lord and Alciel change into forms representing what they would look like if they were human. In order to survive, the Demon Lord takes a part-time job in a fast food restaurant named MgRonald while Alciel serves as his houseman. One day, the Demon Lord, who now goes by Sadao Maō, meets a girl who is actually the Hero Emilia, who now goes by Emi Yusa. The story then unfolds and explores the personalities of each of the characters and their moral values. More characters show up from Ente Isla and they too face the new world dilemmas, often comically.



Alright, this was a peculiar anime right from the start. It starts off all bad ass like any typical fantasy shonen anime, but then it completely changes once they get to the real world. I thought they eased the transition well and they use it efficiently as a reoccurring trope this season. I watch it in Japanese, but due to its hilarious subject matter I think an English dub would be perfect with the right actors. Each of the characters have their motivations straight, unlike another anime I have scheduled for later this month.

Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 1.46.41 PM

Unfortunately, The Devil Is A Part Timer is just way too short. This doesn’t necessarily hinder the show, but so many more stories can be told if they weren’t stretched for time. What I wished they could have done is flesh out the relationships between the rest of the characters except for the main three love triangle. Why not? It couldn’t hurt. Better than them standing around not exactly sure what to do with themselves. When none of the main characters are around.


  • Interesting premise.
  • Fun main characters.
  • Plenty of comedy vs. fantasy.


  • Needs more focus on secondary character relationships.
  • Show length.
  • Needs English Dub.

SCORE: 6.0 / 10

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