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Bass Producers Low Poly x Floret Loret Contort Electric Hawk With New Glitch-Hop Single “Osprey”

While we do plenty of weekly discovery on our own, it’s thrilling when a label continues to bring unique artists that we don’t find in our personal rotations. On our latest visit over to Electric Hawk Records we had a chance to check out “Osprey”, the latest single from producers Low Poly and Floret Loret. If you put the current ambient and experimental music scene under the microscope, you have no doubt hear of Floret Loret. Since hitting major momentum back in 2020, Floret Loret is cementing his place in the bass music world with his heavier ambient bass style. Other producers and labels have taken notice, as Floret Loret had a successful collaboration with Zed’s Dead and a growing discography across Electric Hawk REcords, Bonsai Collective, Bassrush Records, Gravitas Records, mau5trap, and Quality Goods Records. Floret Loret joins forces alongside Low Poly, who is currently making waves within their own niche. Being able to flow in between genres while manipulating them to fit his vision, Low Poly is catching the eyes of tastemakers with releases on Jadu Dala, Alter/Ego, and 720MAUS.

The worlds of bass and experimental electronic music have always caught our eye at Modern Neon, mainly due to the fact that both genres are so open-ended that you’re almost guaranteed to never find the same thing twice. We’re also glad to find a label that shares a unique vision of electronic music, giving us the comfort that we can go to Electric Hawk for our more experimental electronic music needs. Anyway, Low Poly and Floret Loret, two distinctly different producers in their own right, have popped by with a glitch-hop experience primed and ready for our consumption. Low Poly and Floret Loret both utilize heavy bass, sci-fi world tones, and distorted machinations to breathe life into “Osprey”, creating an unnatural soundscape along with it. The track’s synth drills into your years as you bounce along with the almost groovy bassline, enticing you to lose yourself within its ominous atmosphere. For fans of glitch hip who haven’t heard of Low Poly and Floret Loret, “Osprey” is a solid introduction to their maddening sound.

Make sure you check out “Osprey” on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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