Producer Green Matter Drops New Remix Package of 2021’s “Speakers Knockin'” EP (Remixes)

While your project may be perfect when you release it initially, the benefit of producing EDM is that you can just remix and make an entirely new project. On our latest peek into the dubstep world we are checking out Speakers Knockin’ EP (Remixes), the latest drop from Green Matter. Created by talented producer Anita Rojo, Green Matter has been incredibly busy making major moves in Colorado’s hard bass scene and quickly rising to the top. The Green Matter moniker is moving to become a household name, especially since she’s already snagged support from the likes of Bear Grillz, Zomboy, Riot Ten, Figure, and Megalodon just to name a few. She actually just joined Bear Grillz for an amazingly epic opening night at the Mission Ballroom in Denver, CO! With her sights set on a much larger stage, Green Matter is primed and ready for the introduction of Speakers Knockin’ to the masses. 

When I first started this EP I really wanted to capture the essence of the 2009-2013 era of Dubstep. The fun energetic vibes, with some heavier elements of new school bass music. This style really speaks to me and brings me so much happiness.” – Green Matter

Green Matter originally popped onto our radar when she released Speakers Knockin’ back in September of last year, easing us back into the glory days of dubstep. This time around Green Matter let five other producers take the reins in the production studio, each tweaking Green Matter’s framework to create something that was truly their own. While these producers: Z-Dougie, Feelmonger, Solfire, SO LXVELY, and Yewz, made some truly solid remixes, we feel they are more modern takes of Green Matter’s ode to the golden years. So while an original idea behind the album is lost in translation, this remix package is a solid album for dubstep fans to migrate into a 2022 mindset. We will continue to have Green Matter on our radar, eagerly waiting to see how she takes 2022 by the horns.

Make sure you check out Speakers Knockin’ EP (Remixes) on Spotify below!

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