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Gravitas’s Bass Temple Harnesses the Energy & Sound of the Cosmos For New EP “The Beginning”

It has been a few days, we need to take a plunge down the bass music well once again. On our latest visit over to Gravitas we are checking out The Beginning the brand new release from producer Bass Temple. Based out of Denver, Bass Temple began introducing the world to her bass music beats back on the Big Island of Hawaii. Her DJ journey began as a resident DJ for Out of the Box, the longest-running monthly bass music event. This led to plenty of headlining performances at some of the Island’s biggest events including Petting Zoo, EarthDance, Garden Temple, Hawaiian Sanctuary’s EDance, and An-ten-Nae’s “Revival” retreat!  Now that she has relocated to Denver, Bass Temple has kept up her momentum with performances at The Black Box, Your Mom’s House, Denver Ecstatic Dance, Cervantes Masterpiece, CloZee’s “Voyage” Festival, presented by Odyzey Music and Unison Festival. It’s clear that Bass Temple has quickly become a staple of the live appeal of bass music and we know a festival is going to be poppin’ if Bass Temple is in the lineup. 

Analyzing a producer’s exploration of the more experimental side of bass music is always a trip, as you never know where they will find their niche on the spectrum. For example, early Bass Temple focused in the deep primordial side of bass, where her reach has expanded drastically to now thrive in the sounds of the cosmos. Just one listen to The Beginning’s opening track, “Galaxy”,  and you already have a chance to open yourself up and suspend your mind among the stars. While Bass Temple begins the project by pulling sounds and energy from the cosmos, she transforms that amalgamation to fit her vision for each track. Whether it is the heavy drops of “Secrets”, heavy beats meet empowerment of “Bad Bitch”, the melodic synths of “Hype” or the psychedelic urban beat of “Beyond the Day”, there is going to be an aesthetic that appeals to your inner bass head. We are definitely welcoming Bass Temple to come back and curate another bass journey for us anytime!

Make sure you check out The Beginning on Spotify below and on your favorite streaming platform!

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