Dark Pop Project Dol Ikara Drops Dual Song Collection “Lark/Saraph”, Embrace the Gothic Sound

There has been a distinct lack of gothic-inspired music projects here at Modern Neon, why don’t we go ahead and fix that? On our latest dive into the indie world, we are checking out a double single release of “Lark” and “Saraph”, both from Dol Ikara. Inspired by the ideas of divine feminity, gothic, and antique ideology, Dol Ikara was originally created by singer-songwriter Claire Roddy. As the Dol Ikara idea began to blossom and truly bloom, Claire was later joined by producer and multi-instrumentalist Alex Are. Now in its complete form, Dol Ikara, embraces the project’s aesthetic with beautifully poetic lyrics that create an alluring atmosphere for creativity and a unique sound. We mean, the project’s name speaks for itself, as Dol Ikara is a neologism, so it is already primed and ready to serve as a blank canvas. While they are still relatively new in their career, Dol Ikara’s music has already been used in series like “Peaky Blinders”!

“‘Lark” is a harder-edged song with softer vocals interplaying with more angular, rockier instrumentals. “Saraph” was conceptualized with a single floating note triggered on a Moog modular system; I sang the entire vocal melody in a single go, and it eventually built into this dramatic and anthemic track” – Dol Ikara

While we tend to dabble in a select few genres normally here at Modern Neon, on a personal level our scope is much wider and chaotic with our choices. For example, today’s dive into the world of Dol Ikara stems from our increasing interest in not only ancient fantasies but gothic rock and how it is adapting for today’s audience. With this Lark/Saraph collection being our introduction to Dol Ikara as well as the project’s first release of 2022, we are able to take apart the dark pop sound and find out what exactly hooks us. This collection provides new listeners like us a chance to check out both sides of the Dol Ikara sound, with “Lark” and “Saraph” appearing like two sides of the same coin, but each are fundamentally different. While “Lark” is the harder of the two, it is primarily due to utilizing more traditional elements that you’d expect to find in gothic rock or dark alternative. This directly contrasts “Saraph”, which is more atmospheric in nature and showcases Dol Ikara’s skill at building and branching out an entire surreal soundscape just through a few tweaks in the process. If you are ready to dive deep into the gothic world of dark pop, let Dol Ikara hold the door open.

Make sure you check out Lark / Saraph on Spotify below!

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Photo by Dari Mos

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