Barb Carbon “Patience” Proves How Diligent Today’s Indie Artists Can Be

The life of a rising artist is an incredibly difficult one, but those who have the needed grit to hold out will grab onto those sought after opportunities. Today, we were able to check out “Patience”, a new track from indie artist Barb Carbon. Starting her career off as a street performer, Barb traveled to any stage that would have her. Before finally deciding to put her music out for the rest of the world, Barb Carbon put almost twenty years into honing her craft. Barb’s style derives from plenty of intriguing artist choices, such as the Avett Brothers and Shades of Shovel and Rope, while her songwriting gives a more raw view of the world through her eyes. While she isn’t touring as her solo act, she also serves as a prominent member of the band The Ain’t Sisters with her musical partner Arrie Bozeman

“Patience” is our first look at Barb Carbon’s first official album release¬†The Fighter,¬†released back in 2019. We regret that Barb wasn’t on our radar sooner, as her style fits in exactly with our current rock tastes at the moment. Throughout the album as a whole, Barb strips away each layer of her psyche to put out her vision of the world on display for anyone who would like to dive in. “Patience” is a beautiful and raw track, providing the listener an authentic experience to actually know Barb Carbon beyond the stage persona. Now that Barb Carbon has had her taste of success from her first solo drop, we can’t wait for her to continue to explore the space she’s created.

Make sure you check out “Patience” on Spotify and on Soundcloud below!


Barb Carbon

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