Psych-Rockers Elephant Stone Start the “M. Lonely” Adventure With Full Album On The Horizon

We are beyond thrilled to go back down this rabbit hole…Alice is waiting for us. On our latest dive into the psych-rock world we are checking out “M. Lonely”, the latest single released from Elephant Stone.  Based out of Montreal, this modern psy-rock band was created by musician Rishi Dhir as a different creative outlet. After performing with bands such as The Datsons and The High Dials, Dhir discovered his love for the sitar and telling his personal experiences, thus giving birth to Elephant Stone. Dhir quickly made a name for himself as a renowned sitar player, collaborating with the likes of Beck, and legendary cult bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Dream Syndicate, and many more. Elephant Stone has been active since releasing their first album in 2009, and with their new EP on the horizon, fans of psych-rock need to take notice.

“I built this storyline about a hermit who is very content in his solitary world, until a world event happens that causes everyone else to stay home as well…sound familiar? He sees this as a mockery of him and his choices, deciding instead to build a rocket ship to the moon to be left alone.” Unraveling over the course of four songs with raucous hooks and voltaic synths on the first two tracks, and lonely, soft melodies on the last two, M. Lonely, Dhir says, “ultimately realizes he was happier back on imperfect earth with all of its imperfect people.” – Rishi Dhir

Oh how we have been waiting for the next section of this saga because once we’re down the Elephant Stone rabbit hole we don’t want to climb out. The latest single release before the full album drop, “M. Lonely” kicks off the EP’s story, introducing the titular character M. Lonely as he leaves his homeland and begins his interstellar adventure. The track is pure psych-rock goodness, overflowing with expert guitar work and atmospheric synths that vividly build out the world that M. Lonely will explore throughout the EP. We absolutely can’t wait for the concept album Le voyage de M. Lonely dans la lune to drop on 2/18 so we can dive even deeper into the adventure and not simply have a taste. For once, we want the whole damn psych pie. Elephant Stone is killing it in today’s modern psych-rock scene and more people around the world should take notice and have them in their rotation.

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