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Experimental Project Common Creation Collabs With Waybach For New Bass Single “Analog Apologies”

Once you expand your horizons and open your mind to the world of experimental music, you can truly find some superb talent just under the surface. On our latest peek into the experimental electronic world we are checking out “Analog Apologies”, the latest single to come from Common Creation and WayBach. An experimental music project founded back in 2015 by DJ/Producer Chris Teel, Common Creation aims to re-introduce uncommon sounds and musical experiences back into the formula for those who are willing to listen. Common Creation utilizes both modern synthesizers and advanced sampling combined with a live psychedelic jam band to bring his sound to life. 2021 has been a major year for Common Creation, releasing their latest EP Tiger Blood over on Wakaan and setting the stage for a monumental 2022. This weekend, Common Creation is actually opening for GRiZ’s inaugural Space Camp festival!

“This is the third time I’ve teamed up with WayBach on a release, and I’m always amazed at the dope ideas he sends me. We put in a ton of hours on this one, and I think it really shows. I’m hype to drop it at Space Camp this weekend.” – Common Creation

The more we dive into the world of experimental bass, the more we come across talent like Common Creation and don’t want to leave back to the lighter side. The end-of-year single to come out of the Common Creation, “Analog Apologies” is a superb bass music collaboration with the insanely talented Waybach out of New York. The amount of energy that this hard bass single embodies is over-flowing, spilling out into this bass-heavy yet funky soundscape that it created. “Analog Apologies” allows both producers to inject their signature style into the formula and each takes their turn center stage before melding into a neo but vintage amalgamation. While we have explored many worlds throughout our bass music journey, we might want to just take a minute and experience this one a bit longer.

Make sure you check out “Analog Apologies” on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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Common Creation

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Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud | Spotify

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