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Ian Snow Joins Gravitas With New EP “Above The Clouds”, Blending Heavy Trap and Dark Bass

Let’s face it, life is definitely rough right now and if you’re like us, you might retreat to music. On our latest visit over to Gravitas Recordings we are checking out Above The Clouds the new EP from Ian Snow. Hailing from his ice cocoon inside Chicago, Snow has been an interesting act to watch as he develops his professional music identity. While he originally began his career years prior while performing under the alias SNOWMASS, it wasn’t until early 2020 that Snow took off the helmet and stepped into the spotlight himself. Snow fully broke free from his chamber on the back of “The Future” his previous collab with Synymata, which aided Snow’s breakout by netting over half a million streams online. Since then Snow has released multiple standalone singles that feature his dark bass sound, each continuing to build a foundation for Snow to truly dig out his only niche.

After years of uncovering and developing the latest iteration of his sound, it seems like Snow has found what he is looking for. With Above The Clouds being Snow’s first EP in this current stage of his career, he decided to not pull a single punch right out front. If you can’t handle the in-your-face nature of this EP, then don’t push play and step back. The EP opens with “Eyes Closed” which picks up the tempo and sets the sound of the entire project right out of the gate, with heavy trap and dark bass immediately taking control. The EP then flows into “Revelation” which showcases Snow’s more atmospheric and dark ambient facet to his style, showing off his producing range. Once the closing track, “Above The Clouds” takes center stage, the listener is assaulted by a one-two combination punch of both style blending together into an aggressive amalgamation.

Make sure you check out Above The Clouds on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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