DRINKURWATER Joins the WAKAAN Label With New Liquid Wet Bass 3-Track Collection “Spill”

In this age of musical experimentation, you never know what rabbit hole you’re going to dive into. On our latest visit over to WAKAAN we are checking out “Spill”, the latest release from DRINKURWATER. Making his label debut with WAKAAN, DRINKURWATER aka Kevin Flum, is a German-born Atlanta-based producer that has been gaining support rather quickly. Originally starting his producing career back in 2017 producing heavy dubstep, DRINKURWATER has since tweaked his sound to create a hybrid of dubstep and wet liquid bass. He broke out onto the scene with his single “OH F*CK” alongside Rated R, which has only increased the fanbase’s and tastemakers’ attention. Since bursting out onto the scene, he’s gained the support of prominent producers such as Excision, TVBOO, Liquid Stranger, and Blunts & Blonde to name a few. We better stay hydrated for this one y’all.  

“I wanted to showcase my sound and brand as best as possible with the Spill EP.  See it as me “spilling” my sound into the world/EDM scene and show a little diversity in the tracks!” – DRINKURWATER

As we move into this blazing hot summer, it’s more than essential advice for us to DRINKURWATER. Okay, we know that was lame, but we still wanted to do it anyway, sue us. With DRINKURWATER now joining the WAKAAN family,  we’re able to take a deep dive into the wet liquid bass sound that he brings to the table. Spill is a brand new three-track exploration of DRINKURWATER’s sound, with each single sounding even wetter as the beats continue to spill out. Via this release, it is clear that DRINKURWATER is an expert and bouncing between two ends of a musical spectrum, with Spill bounding back and forth between heavy synthesizers and gritty bass frequencies that will lure any bass head to his set. While DRINKURWATER has already performed at major festivals like EDC Las Vegas and is scheduled for the Imagine Music Festival soon, we can’t wait to see DRINKURWATER make this summer a hot wet mess. 

Make sure you check out Spill on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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